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Sunday, November 15, 2009

All Tied Up

Image: All Tied Up, By Heather Dennis, Fresh Brewed Designs

Hello!  I made this card as a "thank you" card for my parents. Heather's image was PERECT, I hope I didn't ruin it with my coloring and simple card.  I also hope everyone had a great weekend.  I thought I would share a little of mine with you.  We have had unusually warm weather here (until today, it is cold and rainey) So, I thought I would take advantage of it and for once get my Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving weekend.

My Dad obviously did not see the bright red sticker that says "WARNING DO NOT STAND ON THE TOP "  Yikes! I can't look!!! Notice his little helper at the bottom, I told her to hold the ladder while I took this picture. Good job Maggie!

Lilly helped untangle the lights.  Good job Lilly!!

Maggie tangled them up again.

Lilly gave up and took a nap.

Yep, she is eating grass! Yummy! She likes it! And her mommy didn't notice her ear was flipped back like that until she uploaded this picture!

Hmm, I don' think that gutter will hold him if he falls! I better put the camera down and hold the ladder!

As you will notice in the pic's my Dad has on short sleeves, yes it was that nice out on Saturday.  My parents spent the whole afternoon with me, my Dad hung my lights and cleaned my gutters, and my Mom put groceries away for me and cleaned the kitchen after super.  I supervised the hanging of the lights, from the ground, with my camera, my cell phone handy in case I needed to call 911!  I also made homemade chicken pot pie for super.  It was a wonderful day.  I am very blessed to have my parents so close and always so willing to help me.  I hope you enjoy the pictures. Thanks for stopping by.


Heather said...

I think the card is adorable! I am so touched that you used one of my images to make them a thank you card. I LOVE all of the pics. You certainly are blessed and they are as well. I enjoyed this post more than I can describe. It made me smile and touched my heart :)

stampmonkey said...

Darling card, Stacy --and what are you talkin' about 'ruin[ing] it with your coloring and simple design'?!? You did a wonderful job and it's a beautiful card!

Your pics and captions cracked me up! How sweet of your parents to help you out like that (mine are that way too, and when I was a single mom it was especially appreciated); what a blessing to get to enjoy a day together, even if part of it was spent working. I'm thankful your dad didn't get hurt...that top step is a BIG no-no and sooooo dangerous.

Stamp Your Art Out said...

Cute card! What are you talking about...ruining it? You're a goof. I think they'll love it. I'm glad you had a good day. I love getting to the end of the day and having a sense of accomplishment. Speaking of accomplishments...I'd better get crackin. I have that workshop coming up! YIKES!


Catherine said...

Love the pics of your pups! They are so cute and such helpful little elves! LOL!

Wow! I dont' think I've seen this image by Heather but I love it! Your card is super cute! Great textures & coloring!

Thanks for entering my blog candy and stopping by to visit! (You are totally entered, BTW!)

So nice to meet you! I'll be back for more visits for sure!