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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Color Throwdown Cards

I seem to have lost my mojo :( Has anyone seen it??
I tried to use this weeks Color Throwdown for some inspiration and this is all I could come up with. I really wanted to get a Father's day card done, so I made myself do one. It is almost painful NOT to add ribbon and flowers and stickels and all things girly!!!! My poor Dad usually ends up with a girly card anyway, not this year....just a plain, and I mean plain old guy card. He will love it, he always does, that is just the kinda guy he is. Well, ladies, my bff Yvonne had me over for lunch after church (this is normal, sometime I invite myself if she forgets, hee...hee) and I am stuffed and do believe a nap is in order! Have a blessed week!



Tammy Hershberger said...

I see mojo a'plenty! I love your die-cut sentiment on the first one, and I love any card with a tree so the Father's Day card is fabulous! Thanks for playing the Throwdown! (And just a little FYI for next time... don't forget to leave a DIRECT link to your creations on Mr. Linky. It makes it SO much easier for us to find your entry when we get around to leaving comments, especially if several days go by before we get a chance. That way your post doesn't get buried and lost in more recent posts. Thank you!)

LeAnne said...

Very pretty cards! Thanks for participating with such nice creations!

Barbara said...

Gorgeous!! You've got mojo in spades!!! Thanks for playing the Throwdown! Hope to see you again next time!

Stamp Your Art Out said...

Um, I'm really sure your mojo is right there. Not sure what you're talking about on it being MIA.

And as for Sunday lunch...remember I told you months ago that ALWAYS on Sunday you are coming for lunch. No need to wait for an invitation. Just follow me on home. Of course if you keep eating cookies for supper, I'm going to have to insist on other nights too.


Nancy said...

Great cards!! I love them, especially the tree and how you highlighted and popped certain parts!! I think your mojo is firmly in place!

stampmonkey said...

Ditto what everyone else said -- your mojo is definitely NOT missing! Both of these cards are so pretty (well, technically, the Father's Day card isn't 'pretty,' but you know what I mean). Maybe it would better to say that you did a beautiful job on both of these cards. lol BTW, the banter between you and Y crack me up! It's such a rare and special blessing to have a friendship like that. ;)

Heather said...

OK, the first card ~ WOW! I love the glitter and the flowers are beautiful! the pearls and the 'friends' cutout are so sweet. They totally make the card. Your tree card is fabulous! I have always loved the look of those ... I love the way you popped parts out. It is flawless!

So good to see your amazing creations and get to tell you Hello! :) Hope you are having a blessed weekend! It is HOT here. :/